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This is one of the most argued controversies on the internet. The senate of Australia has opted to give their decision in favor of those users who have been continuously asking to limit the access of TV shows to the illegal streamers on the internet. This illegal browsing of torrent or other TV shows are visited by anonymous IPs which cannot be traced or stopped.

The communication minister is known as the mastermind of this copyright process, Bill which passed in 2015. This bill was issued after strong support of the labor party with vote ratio of 37-13 favoring the bill. This bill looks at the websites for example like the pirate bay or kickass going in the downward direction as the user finds itself at the receiving end. As mentioned above illegal downloading in future will be limited, the users whether residents of the country or foreigners will be restricted to access their favorite sites.

Well thats when you need to use a VPN. These Australian VPNs are mostly useful in getting access to their desired websites like watching movies or downloading. These VPNs help a user to easily replace the IP with another unknown IP address. These VPNs are considered an easy and safe to download the movies or stream live TV shows.

5 Best VPNs for Australia 2017

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Most of the residents of Australia are facing the issue of losing their data to the spying agencies and other hackers. These agencies and hackers are the only reason which caused the Australian Government to limit the access of the Non-citizen Users. By using the ExpressVPN user regardless of their location can easily access any content.


ExpressVPN offers its servers in 75 different countries. Most commonly it offers unlimited bandwidth with no log policy. It gives 24/7 customer support, and is properly secured by a 256 bit encryption. The best option they provide is that they offer money back guarantee of about 30 days. ExpressVPN is compatible to work with Linux, PC, Mac and all other major platforms and devices. It hides the IP address of the customer from other harmful agencies. It offers its packages from about $8.32 per month.


Most of the Victimized users are afraid to try the new VPN services as it is almost impossible to get the best service at the first attempt. As a result, IPvanish offers the ability to hide their IP by using MASKED IP.


IPvanish offers a complete understanding for its beginning users, as it provides about 8 different dedicated servers. It enables the user to hide its IP with 25000 different IPs. It has the ability to work with all the devices that exist. It also gives access to UK TV, IPlayer, BBC etc. It also works completely with the VoIP software. The main objective of IPvanish VPN is making it affordable. They offer a discount of about 40% and their monthly package is for $7.50/month.



Australia has very strict data retention laws. So VyprVPN is an excellent VPN service for Australia. Its one of the worlds fastest VPN and offers multiple protocols for encryption. It also has its own DNS app so if you want a DNS you can also get it. Their support is extremely reliable and they also give out easy to use app for almost every device. VyprVPN can take you all around the world with its large server spread, so start using this VPN and become anonymous.


Since the Australian government has extended its laws to stop the access of the non-citizens from the access to the online web content, user are unable to get complete access to the web content. This can be easily accessed with the use of NordVPN service, offering unlimited bandwidth, kill switch etc.


NordVPN offers support to multiple devices. It has one of the best 24/7 live support including the support on social media, and it also supports the live chat. Nord offers about 30 days money back guarantee to its user allowing them to be completely comfortable. It supports no log policy and also operates with P2P. It also provides the button of kill switch which helps the user to secure their data once the connection is lost.


More and More people have started using the internet in Australia which means they are all at risk and are unaware of this. To reduce their risks PureVPN can become the protection they need. With over 500+ server, it counters all sorts of cyber threats with its military grade level of encryption. The best part is it only costs $4.99 per month if you get the yearly package. The price is much lower than the other top VPN providers. You can also ask for your money back if you are not satisfied with the service. PureVPN is the ultimate solution to reduce cyber threats on the internet while living in Australia.


PureVPN is one of the cheapest VPN service providers in the market. But, just because it’s cheap it doesn’t mean it offers any less service compared with other VPN providers. PureVPN gives its customers a 24/7 live chat and a 7 days money back guarantee. It is also compatible on all major devices and lets you run 5 simultaneous connections at the same time. It cost only $4.99/per month if you subscribe for the yearly package. It sounds pretty reasonable to me.

Snowden taking steps in Australia

The famous whistle-blower of NSA, Snowden explained that the government of Australia is focusing on each and single of its residential user. Snowden has smashed the laws of data retention. Later he concluded that all the user data will be recorded. He stated that their government feels unsecured due to which, some measures are taken into action. Further he concluded that these findings of user data will be shared with other foreign companies of the same field as well.

Cyber-Crime Trends in Australia-Warrant VPN Use

A good Australian VPN service needs to provide more than enough servers in countries like US, Australia and UK. The only reason for the servers to be present in the US or UK is that it allows the user to access invisibly.

Steps in Reviewing an Australian VPN

In order to be completely confirmed about getting the best of the Australian VPN services, user must understand the problems that exist between selecting the best VPN service. One must understand the following steps:

Pricing Plans

VPN for Australia are available in all types of plans in terms of pricing and planning. User needs to understand the pricing policies, and select the relevant package based on their needs and requirements at the present stage.

Servers located in different locations

Australian VPNs provide numerous servers to its users. User must confirm whether the service provider provides service to access the Australian VPN servers, the UK, and US.

Best Customer Support Center

The best VPN service providers for Australia are known for their best customer support. If a company provides a 24/7 support to its customer, it removes all the difficulties that exist between the user experience. Before selecting, user must search which companies provide the best customer support.

Compatibility of Device

Australian VPN providers provide complete protocol to make sure all the devices are workable with their VPN services. The compatibility is important, only if the user works on different devices, to ensure that all the devices are able to run the VPN service.

Protocols, Encryption and their Compatibility

Australian VPNs offers all types of protocol support to its user. Protocols and encryption are considered an important aspect while searching for a VPN service. Users must find the relevant PPTP, OPENVPN PROTOCOLS, and it provides at least an encryption of 128-bit which allows the user to access without any issue created by hackers or government.

After the bill was passed of data storing policy, there comes a need of strong encryption for the user. It has now become important to use the VPN service to ensure the safety of the client from the harmful agencies.

Communications Alliance Introduces New Scheme

The ISPS are pressured by the Australian government to force them to use an anti-plan for the piracy. A document Industry Code C653:2015 Copyright Notice Scheme, was published by communication alliance.

The aim or objective of this document is to allow IPs to work with media organizations working to track browsing data from the internet. The tracking of IP will be considered an important aspect to check the thefts or violations. This will issue a 3 stage warning process, which will conduct the basic proceedings of legal actions against the specific user.


Australian VPNs are very important as about 85% of the population of Australia have been using the internet in the past years. This was stated by the World Bank. Australian re-sellers, about five million residents of Australia lost $1.06 annually. This simply means that majority of the population was feared to be a victim of the network crime.

The online hackers are very careful in doing any hacking activities. Their main objective is to remove all the detection by converting themselves invisible. A user may not note the disappearing of $1, but the user will surely note if the whole city or town loses the same $1 amount.

These cyber-Crimes are sometimes not really visible to find. Users may not realize his or her credit card information in terms of ID and password being stolen. This may only be commonly checked while checking the bank statement at the end of the month.

The prices of these hacking are not so expensive as compared to prices in other countries these internet hackers will soon take over the citizen user of Australia. So, my question is, will you make yourself available with the best Australian VPN service or not.

Best VPNs for Australia 2017

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