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HideMyAss is owned by a UK based company, Privax LTD. The company is well established as they have been working for the past 3 years in this industry. According to research they have over 10 million website viewers, monthly. With a workforce of only 50, it has around 150,000 active subscribers whom are happy with the service and outcome of the software. Privax LTD solely focuses on this project and does not have any other website as they believe in keeping all their focus on providing complete internet security and privacy from the cyber world.

Website Overview


Pricing Plans

HideMyAss VPN Service offers 3 different price packages for its valued customers.

  • Kick Ass $9.99/month (1 month Plan)
  • Half Ass $6.67/month (Semi-annual Plan save 42%)
  • Smart Ass $4.99/month (Annual Plan save 57%)


The VPN software offers timely discounts throughout the year for its subscribers. So keep an eye on the website for such offers so that you can avail the discounts and enjoy even cheaper subscriptions.



HideMyAss is a VPN service provider which encodes your information and courses it through remote servers providing a protection of you identity activity and location. The organization offers 860 servers across 150 nations with 310 locations. They provide around 117,020 IP addresses which are increasing with the pace of time. They also offer the 3 main protocols which you can easily change depending on your device. The 3 protocols are:

  • LLTP
  • L2TP
  • OpenVPN


This software can operate on all major platforms. HMA also allow you to login from 2 devices at the same time with one login ID which isn’t very common compared with other VPN service providers. You can be relaxed when thinking about which device to use this software on.

FAQ’s – HideMyAss

Does HMA VPN service offer Static IP?

Yes, HideMyAss offers the features of Static IP to match your specific needs.

Using the Pro subscription of HMA, you will have the complete access to the IP addresses on a dynamic basis. However, this static IP has an extra cost and its cost totally depends upon the specific locations of the Static IP.

Does HMA VPN account work on multiple computers?

Yes, it is possible. You may run the pro client software of HMA on 2 different devices per account.

But every device has to be connected to a different VPN server. Another way of setting up HMA VPN service is on the router as it allows the user to connect numerous devices to your router, enabling the traffic to be routed through the VPN.

Are there any restrictions for downloads/connects/uploads while using HMA VPN service?

No, there are no limitations on:

  • reconnects
  • transfer limit
  • Connection attempts
  • download / upload speed

Is the use of a VPN legal? How can a VPN help me?

Yes, the use of a VPN service is totally legal and can be used for the following services.

  • Protect yourself against cyber-attacks.
  • Hide your location & real IP.
  • Surf anonymously
  • complete privacy
  • Bypassing any limitation or surveillance agencies.
  • Unblock all ports and use any application you want (torrent, Skype, VoIP, games, surf gambling websites, etc.).

Can my ISP monitor my VPN activity or block it?

This majorly depends upon the protocols. The ISP has the ability to block the PPTP as it works on a single port and uses GRE packets. However, OpenVPN cannot be blocked as it runs entirely on any protocols or ports. (TCP/UDP)

If OpenVPN is organized to work in TCP port 443, your ISP will only see look like you are accessing a website using HTTP connections, like Gmail, eBay, PayPal, Yahoo mail and many others.


HideMyAss VPN service has another tab on the main page written ‘Servers’. Not something every other VPN service Provider would do, but HMA has done it because they want viewers to be impressed with the wide range of servers available for them. With around 890+ VPN servers spread out over 310 areas in 210 nations. This allows them to create more than 121060+ IP addresses accessible for its VPN clients.

An extensive centralization of HMA VPN servers is situated in the United States. The second biggest centralization of its servers is situated in the European nations, trailed by server checks in the UK and the Canadian areas. Asia, South America, Central America and African areas have no less than one server in every nation.


Unlimited Bandwidth

The awful thing about most VPN service providers is that you are allowed a limited bandwidth. This is acceptable on the case that you simply need to watch a movie or read articles, but you don’t get complete freedom while using the net.

On the other hand, HideMyAss VPN service provides you with boundless bandwidth so that without much effort you can easily replace normal browsing with this experienced VPN Service. You can enjoy watching unlimited number of videos and visit numerous websites without exceeding your limit.


HideMyAss, being an old and strong competitor in this industry likes to keep its software simple and easy to use for a normal individual. It offers a lot of features and has a user friendly interface.

HideMyAss can be operated on both Windows and Mac systems, as well as android and apple devices. However it can’t be configured on a Linux 05 without requesting for a Linux 05 based software. After receiving the request the management will provide you with the software which can be installed on the Linux 05.

For smart phones, the App is available on their respected stores. For iOS operators it can be downloaded from iTunes. For Android devices the app can be found on the Google Play Store. The Android app is the latest edition of the HideMyAss family. Just like the iOS App, it provides easy access to all the features available.


Currently almost all of the populations are using an android device to fulfill the growing demand for android apps. Similarly, HMA has made an app which is available on the Google Play Store. The App provides subscribers with total freedom in using the internet. You can access any blocked site and watch all the movies and TV shows which you normally can’t watch due to certain state laws. It is a very easy app to use and you can easily set it up on your android devices.


The app can be downloaded from Google Play store without any charges. All android devices that have Android version 4.0 or up support this application. A very good quality of the app is that it is only of 12.28 Mb, so you don’t have to worry about keeping much storage space in your device for this app. When you use the android App you can choose which ever server and IP address you wish to connect to. The App provides you with a signup procedure and you can directly contact the support staff for your queries using the app.

Protocols and Encryption

HideMyAss gives clients PPTP, L2TP and OpenVPN conventions. We have tested and studied the software and found the following data:

  • PPTP: For encryption, PPTP utilizes MPPE 128bit figure with pressure and MS_CHAPv2 confirmation.
  • L2TP: L2TP is utilizing IPsec for encryption with 256 piece key for encryption, 3DES/AES calculation.
  • OpenVPN-TCP: For encryption, the figure being used is CBC method of Blowfish with encryption quality of 128bit, hash calculation is 160bit SHA1, and the control channel is same i.e. TLSv1/SSLv3 DHE-RSA-AES256-SHA, 1204 piece RSA.
  • OpenVPN-UDP: Same encryption and security as OpenVPN-TCP, however working by means of UDP convention. This permits better speed and side steps more confinements.

Payment Method

HideMyAss accepts 4 types of payment methods:

  • Credit cards
  • PayPal
  • Bit coin
  • Bank and Wire transfer

You will also be provided an option to renew your subscription automatically if you select credit card or PayPal payment method.


HideMyAss has loads and loads of data available to help subscribers install and start using their VPN App. Tutorials are available for Windows, Linux, Mac, Android IOS routers and Open DNS and for many other operators. You will find a tutorial of about anything that needs to be shown, and by chance if you are unable to find a tutorial then your topic will be furthered discussed in the forum and a solution will be reached soon.

Customer Support

HideMyAss provides an easy and helpful consumer support system:

  • Email
  • Live chat
  • Blog
  • Community Forum
  • HideMyAss support page


You can get to the “Email” highlight through the HideMyAss Support page (by tapping on ‘Help’). The email page contains a straight forward structure where you can choose the way of your inquiry and give insights about your issue.

Live Chat

Live chat is available for people who want to ask questions or face a problem regardless of time. Some subscribers stay awake all night and use the internet, for them the live chat is a perfect feature.


HideMyAss distributes service overhauls and official statements on its Blog constantly. The Blog is a fabulous and brisk approach to find out about most recent redesigns and offers.

Community Forum

The HideMyAss Forum is exceptionally dynamic with clients and client support professionals trading information consistently. The highly dynamic forum has tackled the type of an information base for new clients.

HideMyAss Support Page

You can get to the HideMyAss support page by tapping on “Help” on the yellow bar on top of the home page.

The HideMyAss Support page is an awesome spot to begin on the off chance that you are a first time VPN client. The support page is fundamentally the headquarters of the HideMyAss information bank. Here you can learn everything there is to think about service elements and capacities.

Additional Services

Besides offering VPN service, HideMyAss also provides other services like:

  • Web Proxy
  • IP-Port Proxies
  • Anonymous Emails
  • Privacy software
  • File Upload
  • Anonymous Referrer
  • Hidemyass Software for Windows

Our team of experts decided to take the HideMyAss software for a test drive. The first tab is the dashboard which is your basic login area, quick server-selection drop-down list and, protocol selection menu.

Country Selection & IP Settings

While getting connected to an already full server, you will be recommended another server which can be used. So HideMyAss will make sure you always find a server to use the VPN. It also provides a country selection so that you can pick whichever countries you wish to use.

After that a HideMyAss IP address setting page will show up where you can select the time period of when the servers will change your IP address. The IP address identifying tab lets you confirm if your IP has changed yet or not.

HMA also offers secure IP Bind tab. It has a kill switch that stops all applications if you get disconnected from a server and won’t let the applications work unless and until you reconnect to another server. This is a very good safety feature provided by HideMyAss.

User Reviews


Overall by studying and after thoroughly testing the Hidemyass VPN service software, I can judge that being an experienced and well known VPN service provider, it still is a standout performer and provides a good service to its subscriber. The main thing keeping them down from the top spot is their lazy and slow responsive customer support team. With ample data available on their FAQ section and how reliable their data is, you can rarely expect to use their support.

Above all, HMA offers the money back guarantee, support for all major devices of the app and the vast numbers of features that are provided, subscribers can freely enjoy the services offered my HideMyAss VPN. With the help of the least populated servers, you can achieve optimum freedom and safety from internet goons, state surveillance and other cyber threats while surfing the net.

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