5 Best USA VPN services - November 2016

A VPN allows its customers to browse countless online websites and stream videos regardless of their locations. The best option provided by a VPN is that all of its users, no matter whether the users are present in USA or not, get access to all websites blocked by the government around the world.

There are many limitations which stop users entering Geo-restricted sites. Many top channels like Netflix, HULU, CBS, NBC, Pandora etc. are all limited to access, and these channels are kept in a ‘hidden box’ from the users all over the world.

In the modern era, internet has become a need for every user. Due to which, it is important for every user to have complete access to all sites. A VPN comes in to rescue to fulfill this need. The VPN will hide your IP and swap it with an artificial IP so that you can’t be tracked and can access any website you wish to. Here are the 5 best USA VPN services.    

5 Best VPNs for USA 2016

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Express VPN


Most of the US residents are facing the issue of losing their data to the spying agencies and other hackers. These agencies and hackers are the only reason which caused the US Government to limit the access of the Non-citizen Users. By using the ExpressVPN users regardless of their location can easily access any content.


ExpressVPN offers its servers in 75 different countries. Most commonly it offers unlimited bandwidth with no log policy. It offers 24/7 Customer Support which is secured by the 256 bit. The best option they provide is that they offer money back guarantee of about 30 days. ExpressVPN is compatible to work with Linux, PC, and Mac, Android and iOS.  It hides the IP address of the customer from other harmful agencies. It offers its packages from about $8.32 per month.



USA has stopped the access of non-citizens from access due to hacking and harmful agencies. This seems the right option to be done but other users are the one who suffer the most. This problem can be easily avoided with the use of IPvanish.


IPvanish offers a complete understanding for its beginning users, as it provides about 8 different dedicated servers. It enables the user to hide its IP with 25000 different IP’s. It has the ability to work with all the devices that exist between the different devices Supports OpenVPN, and IPsec, Gives access to IPlayer, and BBC etc. It also works completely with the VoIP apps. The main objective of IPvanishVPN is ‘making it affordable’. They offer a discount of about 40% and their monthly package is for $4.87/month.



USA has launched a setup to help its own residents to make sure they get the best in terms of experience. To do so, USA has stopped the non-citizens from accessing any online content to make this happen.


VyprVPN is an organization that supplies reasonable VPN service to its clients around the globe. It was framed in 2009 by worldwide web supplier Golden Frog. The organization practices on giving individual VPN associations through its 200,000+ IP addresses in more than 700 servers situated crosswise over Europe, North America, South America, Oceania, Asia and in the Middle East. If you live in USA you never have to worry about the geo-restrictions set by the government. With VyprVPN you can bypass all the limitations.



Most of the victimized users are afraid to try the new VPN services as it is almost impossible to get the best service at the first attempt. As a result, NordVPN offers a complete 30 day money refund policy.


NordVPN offers support on multiple devices. It has one of the best 24/7 live support including the support on social media, and it also supports the live chat. NordVPN offers about 30 days money back guarantee to its user allowing them to be completely comfortable. It supports no log policy and also operates with P2P. Nord also offers the automatic kill switch which helps the user to secure their data once the connection is lost.


For USA PureVPN is an amazing choice as it will offer you around 500+ servers in 140 countries. If you want to watch your favorite shows on Netflix from any place on Earth all you have to do is connect to a PureVPN server. It costs only $4.99 with a 24/7 support system that will never leave you alone in the cyber world. They have no free trial but instead a 7 days money back policy is available if by chance you are not happy with the service. All Torrent lovers can easily get away with torrenting while connected to PureVPN. This VPN is an experience you can’t forget to subscribe to.


PureVPN is one of the cheapest VPN service providers in the market. But, just because it’s cheap it doesn’t mean it offers any less service compared with other VPN providers. It gives its customers a 24/7 live chat and a 7 days money back guarantee. It is also compatible on all major devices and lets you run 5 simultaneous connections at the same time. It cost only $4.99/per month if you subscribe for the yearly package. It sounds pretty reasonable to me.


A Solution or a Burden?

It is noted that some users try proxies to gain easy access to the limited content on the internet, which is not a solution, rather a misconception. The reason behind that is by using a proxy, users freely allow all the spammers or hackers who can easily destroy the user’s privacy to get access to their activities.

The question is how can the proxy make the users data at risk? The reason behind this is that proxies save the record of users online activities. It also takes in all the user cache and monitors 24/7 activities. Although overall, proxies may seem an easy and least expensive method of removing online limitations, but this proxy is famous for saving the data of the user for the spammers, hackers etc.

The Process of Unblocking Hidden Content by the Use of Best USA VPNs

As a solution, there come the VPN services. VPNs for USA allow its users to easily access all the limited content on the internet easily. VPNs give complete freedom to browse the internet without the threat of any spammers, or other harmful agencies. It also provides a set of secured servers which allow the user to get almost everything without any risk.

This is possible because the VPNs replace the current IP of the user, with another preferred IP of the server. This process is called as the Masked IP. Also, it helps the user to pretend being part of the country where the server is located.

Consider being the resident of UK who wants to access the limited content of the region located in US. So with the help of VPN Services user may remove all the limitations that exist.

Whether a business men or on vacations, VPN Services allows you to visit the entire website that you require easily, without any location limitations. Another example is of a user going on a trip, wherever user is going is full of limitations. (No worries). Even if a user is going to China, all they have to do is get access to the USA UK servers, and he or she may get instant access.

Why does the user need VPN service In USA?

NSA and other spying agencies are famous for trying their level best to access the user data. For this, they are working 24/7 to get something out of the users’ personal data, such as Pictures, personal information etc.

Therefore, there comes a need where user tries to find different ways of securing themselves from these harmful agencies. This issue however can be easily resolved by using the best VPN services. Now we all know all of the services providing companies claim to be the best, yet very few are able to deliver. For the sake of the user, we have provided a list of 5 best VPNs for USA, which can help them get access to any online content they want easily. As soon as the user is connected to the VPN services, it enables the user to work smoothly, securing them to work and browse with 24/7 security.

Restrictions are considered as ‘Online Jail’

Recently USA has set rules and regulations related to its censorship policy. Although some US-residents might be in favor of this decision, the non-citizens are the one who suffer the most.

These limitations are just a barrier that exists between the user and his experience. It stops them from getting any content of the blocked online website. This act is also considered as an online Jail, where users have no capacity of doing what they want to.

Channels especially like Netflix, CBC, HBO, NBC, Hulu etc. are the famous viewed channels that have been restricted to be accessed by the US government.

Is VPN Service A Necessity For Online Security In USA?

We all know NSA and other agencies are working their best to harm the daily working users on the internet. It might not be the News Alert for few, but it may be an alarming situation for many who consider privacy as the most important thing. NSA tries to get access to personal pictures and information. NSA keeps tracking these on the basis of 24/7.

There are different ways to block NSA from entering our lives, but none of these are up to their promise. Only a few VPN service providers have the ability to stop these cyber hackers from harming its users in any way. Best USA VPN fulfill their promise where others usually fail to keep their promise.

Recently, finding the best VPN services is a bit tough, as there are many different service providers who claim to be the best, so it is really hard to check which one is the best. But as soon as user gets access to these VPN services, he or she gets secured instantly without any issue.

Once connected to the servers of a VPN, you are confirmed to be secured by the negative side of the internet. It enables you to use your IP, showing different IP for its genuine users. The algorithms of this VPNs work in a way which provides safest method of accessing the entire globe. Since the user IP is hidden, it is impossible for NSA or other agencies to access it or trace it. Best VPNs allows user to show an IP of another region. Therefore, Best VPNs helps you get the best among the rest in terms of the security of the connection.

Additional Benefits Provided By the Best VPNs for USA:

A user may easily remove all the limitations by using the services of the VPN servers. Other benefits exist like:

  • The Best VPNs for USA allows the user to hide its true identity, and access the complete internet without any security problem.
  • A VPN Services also gives complete support to all the features of L2TP, PPTP, OPENVPN etc.
    also the VPNs offers the ability to use the encryption of 128bit and 256 bit. This simply means that by doing so, nobody could harm the user in any way.
  • By using the best VPNs for USA, the user may use the masked IP which helps the user to remove the threats that may come from the online monitoring agencies. It also helps the user to get the maximum freedom to get the best in terms of his online surfing experience.


VPNgrades provides the complete solution to all the problems of the users within a single package, which allows the user to access all the limited sites without worrying about their or the websites location.

VPNs allows user to keep itself connected especially at the times of travelling, trips, vacations. Etc. all the restrictions or limitations are now history and the VPN services are the present, future and even more.

Best USA VPN Summary

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