5 Best VPNs for Mac August 2017

The top two operating systems in the world are Windows and  Mac. It is always a difficult option to pick between the two operating systems, especially for me. Both are very good and popular operating systems in the world. Due to their high popularity all VPN providers support for these operating systems. There are some features that are better in both systems that outweigh each other. A major benefit of using Mac is the security involved. It has a better security system then Windows. This is one reason most people prefer using Mac over Windows.

VPNs for Mac keep your internet session safe from cyber threats and provide you with access for all Geo-restricted sites. You also get P2P and torrent support which is great news for people whom are torrent lovers. All VPNs support Mac so that you dont have to change your platform. A VPN gives you complete privacy and freedom while using the internet.

Due to high popularity for VPNs and the systems all VPNs offer support for Mac. It can become confusing as to which VPN should we select for our Mac due to similar price packages and high level of marketing.I l advice you not to fall for their tricks and purchase the best and cheapest VPN which suits you.

Now I ll show you the 5 best VPN providers with their features so that you can select the one which is best for you. These providers are the best in the business with very good features and price plans.

5 Best VPNs for Mac August 2017

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With servers in 100+ cities of 78 countries ExpressVPN is considered one of the top due to its lightning speed, unlimited bandwidth, high compatibility  and easy to use software. It has a 24 hour working support staff so they make sure their subscribers keep using their VPN and remain their valued customers. It is a very good option for your Mac device

It also gives you your money back in 30 days if you dont like this VPN. Its zero logging policy is perfect for the safety of your private internet sessions. The good protocol support keeps all your activities safe and keeps you protected from getting in the hands of hackers.



IPvanish provides 3 different packages for all of its customers, monthly, semi-annually and yearly. It provides the most discounts in its premium yearly offer.  It also allows its customers a free trial of 3 days at the beginning. It has very good support for all devices so you can use it as your VPN for Mac. It has shown excellent performance regarding speed and highly secured security protocols to keep users data safe.



VyprVPN is highly compatible to all major platforms. It keeps up and deals with its own particular servers. They have more than 700 servers situated in 48 nations around the world. The way that they oversee and own their servers cant be confirmed. In any case, in the event that it is valid, then this component can give clients additional assurance and speedier pace than the individuals who utilizes outsider servers. With 3 different packages you can chose which ever suits you best. VyprVPN has personal Mac software so all you have to do is subscribe, install and start using the VPN service within minutes.



NordVPN is owned by Tefinkom co S.A. This is a Panama based organization where there are no obligatory data retention laws. It has been running in the IT industry since 2008. With its success NordVPN now has 528+ servers in 48+ countries providing lightning speed with it. They have a 24/7 live support systems and it is extremely easy to use. It has high support for your Mac devices.

NordVPN has a global network and a very strict log policy keeping all your personal data secured. The automatic kill switch it offers will always help in emergencies. For torrent lovers it allows P2P and is highly compatible. Your Mac device can certainly enjoy this VPN service.



PureVPN is perfect with various devices including Mac. It supports all versions of Mac and keeps the device fully protected with its split tunneling feature. It is a perfect VPN for your Mac device.

PureVPN has 500+ servers scattered in 140+ nations that will help you sidestep all the geo-restrictions. Moreover, it has 3 different bundles to pick from (month to month, semi-every year and yearly) with cost as low as $4.99/month. Unlike numerous VPN suppliers, PureVPN offers gaming, streaming, P2P file-sharing, all with one device. Committed IP and Dedicated Streaming are extra features offered by this service in return of exceptionally cheap cost.

How to Setup VPN on Mac

Now I will guide you on how to setup a VPN on your Mac operating systems. Few VPN providers offer free software which can be easily setup on Mac devices. However not all provide this software therefore it has to be setup manually.

Manual configuration can sound a bit tricky and hard but we are here for your service and I have very easily demonstrated the simple steps to setup the VPN on Your Mac Device

Click on the Icon of Apple, then System preferences


Select Network in the Internet & Network section.


The network center appears. Dont change anything here.

Select at the bottom left of this window.


Now select Up Down arrows, next to the interface selection.


Over here select VPN


This Tutorial creates a PPTP connection, so select PPTP from the drop down menu.


In Service Name, you may write anything you wish as this is the name of the connection.

It makes it simpler to select a connection, if you have setup more than one.

You can use e.g.Home VPN. If you are willing to create an L2TP connection in the future, its better to use HMA VPN here.


In Server Address,enter any server IP which you can find by logging into the VPN Control Panel and clicking on Software & Help. After that select View beside Manually set-up VPN  No software

In Account Name, enter VPN username account.
View Show VPN status in menu bar.
Now go to Authentication settings


Select Password and enter your PPTP password.

Remember, this isnt your account password. Your PPTP password  can be found by logging into the VPN Control Panel and clicking on Software & Help. Then click on View next to Manually set-up VPN  No software


Now move to Advanced


Its important to click Send all traffic over VPN connection

Or else the VPN will have no effect on your machine.

Now that you’re finished, click on OK

Back to the network window, select Apply and end the network manager.


Now, back on your desktop, select the network logo at the top right and click

HMA VPN or whatever you wrote your new connection.


Connect to HMA VPN or whatever you named your new connection.


Now it will connect and authenticate.

When you see the running time, it means you’re connected.

Now we have to be sure you are completely secure.

So now open Safari browser.


Visit this website https://www.ip-score.com

You will now notice that your IP, internet provider and location are all different than usual.

This concludes that you have finally connected to your VPN. Congratulation!


Choose the Best VPN for Mac August 2017

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The Strengths Associated with a VPN for Mac

For people new to using a VPN I am sure you have no idea about the benefits of using it on your Mac device. In this section I will my best to provide you with the best benefits if using VPN on your Mac device.

A VPN for Mac protects all the data you share or download from the internet. It encrypts all data by the strong encryption protocols and makes sure no hacker can access it. If by chance a hacker attempts to hack and steal your data, he will only be encrypted thrash nothing else ever.

A VPN allows you to access any server available by your VPN provider. VPN providers usually have servers from all around the world so that means you can use any server and get past the barriers of geo-restricted websites with ease. This means no more problems in watching content or viewing any blocked website no matter which ever region it is.

As you are aware that the NSA and GCHQ can at any time trace your IP and find your location. Well, VPNs can solve this threat as well. When you connect to the VPN your real IP will be replaced with an artificial IP of the server you connect to so that no when can trace it and find out where you are. This means complete privacy from the cyber world.

With the VPN you can access public Wi-Fi Hotspots and not feel endangered from the hackers. Even your internet service provider wont be able to monitor your online traffic as you will be fully anonymous to the cyber world.

VPN is a life saver for all diehard fans of Netflix and Hulu in the situation if you have to visit a country where they are blocked. Many countries have blocked YouTube, MySpace, Facebook, and twitter and in China, Iran and Turkey you cant even use your Gmail. For this VPNs will help you in these countries. Dont miss any of your favorite shows now no matter your region by using one of the best VPNs for mac.

Why You Need VPN for Mac

Nowadays due to the strict laws in the cyber world VPNs have become a necessity for internet users. A statement is also being circulated in on social media sites that you cant trust the major multi-nations tech giants of the world as they are considered spies and working with NSA and GCHQ to keep a watch on us.

Hackers are always ready for an opportunity to strike and hack personal data. Some just want access for our personal data, while others want to destroy our security and destroy our identity.

We commonly connect to public Wi-Fi in public places like coffee shops, shopping malls and even in restaurants. Not for a second we have ever thought that we are actually offering a bone in a plate to the hackers.

Wi-Fi hotspots can be created by anyone. It can also be a hacker viewing all our personal data. The hacker can also harm us financially by this as with his expert tools he can easily view our monetary transactions and hack it.

For all these issues there is only one solution, VPNs. With VPNs you can hide your IP from all the hackers and work securely without any info being leaked. Thanks to the strong VPN encryption protocols hackers cannot access our data no matter how hard they try.

By chance if a cyber-goon gets access to your data then you dont have anything to worry about because thanks to the highly encrypted protocols they will only get their hands on trash. VPN uses L2TP/IPsec (Layer-to-Tunneling Protocol OpenVPN PPTP (Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol) and SSTP (Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol) for your protection.

Thanks to the 128 bit and 256 bit encryption the security level of your session will be at top levels. Mostly all VPN providers offer VPNs for Mac systems. The VPN providers also have a no logs policy that means you dont have to worry about them keeping your data because they dont. So now you’re free to share files and secure your device from the cyber world. There are many advantages of having a VPN for Mac


Over All, I say I believe that to protect you Mac system there is only one solution, VPN. You have to purchase the best VPNs for your mac systems to stay safe from all types of cyber threats. It is the only tool in this world that will protect you from all types of cyber goons, hackers, and spies like the NSA and GCHQ or other online stalkers.

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